Free forms processing for static websites

FormKing is a donation funded service that provides free form processing for static websites. All accounts are free and include recaptcha support, industry standard data encryption, and many more premium features. All for free.


How Form King works

1). Create a site

Site creation is a breeze with Form King. Just add your site name and domain to get started. This helps us secure your forms and ensure that submissions only come from your website.

2). Create a form

You can use your own HTML or use the King's form builder to generate your form code. Assign it to a site, and paste it into your website to start collection and processing! Easy, secure and super fast.

3). Get notified

Each time a visitor to your site completes and submits the form, FormKing will encrypt the data using using a AES 256 cipher before storing it in an encrypted database. Then we'll send an email to let you know that you've got a new submission.

4). Relax and have a beer!

Every plan comes with industry standard data encryption and a dashboard to manage your sites, forms and submissions so you never have to worry about missing an email. Our mission is to take the hassel out of processing forms from your static sites.

How about a demo of a live form?

Check out our contact form to see how it works. Notice the recaptcha support and that there is no additional FormKing branding forced by us. All free accounts include this, plus top of the line data encryption, unlimited sites, forms and submissions!

Easy to use portal to see submissions

The Form King dashboard is easy to use, and allows you to manage your sites, forms and submissions all from your browser.

Form King is not only free, but's also pretty!

Instant notifications of all form submissions!

Form King instantly notifies you each time someone submits one of your forms

Zac Brown

I needed a way to seamlessly process forms on my static websites that doesn't show external branding and allows me to customize notification delivery. But I didn't want to pay for it. So I built Form King!

Zac Brown, Form King creator

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